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A 3D-printed superyacht that blends into the aquatic hue of the ocean around it, with transparent solar panels that extract hydrogen from seawater for zero-emission, near-infinite travel.

No, it’s not a villainous lair straight out of sci-fi. This is New York native Jozeph Forakis’ newest and wildest concept to emerge from his Milan-based eponymous studio, Pegasus

The 88-metre concept stems from Forakis’ time on the Koufonissi islands in Greece, where he was “inspired to create a yacht as close to the sea and nature as possible, made out of clouds floating above the waterline”.

And while he hasn’t yet developed a technology that can turn clouds into superyachts, he’s got the next best thing: panels of mirrored glass upon a 3D-printed superstructure – which the studio says uses less energy, materials, space and time compared to conventional construction methods, without compromising on strength or weight – thereby allowing the yacht to take on the look of the environment it’s in.

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