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Our calendar is now dotted with sneaker-themed holidays: Air Max Day now arrives as surely as spring blooms, SNKRS Day is right around the corner, and today is our very first Yeezy Day. Six years into Kanye West’s collaboration with Adidas, the rapper has created a formidable empire of shoes. The foundational models made good on Kanye’s promise that everyone who wanted Yeezys could get them, and turned the 350 V2 into a top-selling shoe rather than one reliant on scarcity and hype. In the meantime, he’s built out the Yeezy brand with weirdo sneakers—see the 450 and the Foam Runner— and basic footwear models like the slides. In honor of the very first Yeezy Day, we’ve put together the definitive ranking of Kanye’s best Yeezys for Adidas.

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