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Belgian chocolate was cute for a while, but Thai dark chocolate is where it’s at now.

You know that feeling after dinner when you’re done with the savoury portion of the meal but you just can’t shake the feeling that your life wouldn’t be complete without a touch of chocolate to round it all off? We know the situation. There’s nothing like chocolate and pralines for dessert.

Yet as we’re staying home more and watching the kilos add up on the scale on a daily basis, there’s no denying it’s time to stock up on healthy alternatives to regular snacks. That’s where dark chocolate comes in.

Boasting a few health benefits and a world of advantages to its milk or white chocolate siblings, dark chocolate is a rising trend amongst weight watchers, cacao connoisseurs, and plant-based diners alike. Like a fine glass of Merlot, it is increasingly becoming a snack or dessert of indulgence, and as more Thai chocolatiers hop on board this trendy train, we’re lucky to see a growing offering of Thai dark chocolate on the market.

Here, we’re rounded up some of our favourite Thai dark chocolate bars and snacks of the minute. Be sure to order yours and you’ll always end your meal on the happiest note.

[Hero Image Credit: Vie Studio/Pexels]

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