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New Year, new you. And new shoes, if you’re one of the many ambitious folks that have told themselves that 2021 is their Year of Fitness.

So begins your hunt for the perfect pair of trainers. If you have little experience with the whole exercise thing, this is the part that might keep you from actually getting on the treadmill. What is a shoe drop? Or a heel counter? Or foam cushioning? You’ll be left scratching your head after reading all the technical jargon that seems to accompany every running shoe on the market.

Even more befuddling are their colours: why would anyone besides Billie Eilish want to wear such a vivid shade of green? And who thought that orange and blue looked good together? All you can do is shake your head, close the tab and tell yourself, “Maybe next year.”

Or you can simply read on for our guide to running shoes that look and feel good. We’ve done the legwork and scoured the offerings of Nike, Adidas, ASICS and more to find the pairs that have that winning combination. Some of them are great for those of you dipping your toe into the sport, while others will see you through your transformation into a seasoned runner.

Whatever the case, our guide tells you all you need to know to choose your shoes and kick off your resolutions. You won’t have to sweat it anywhere else besides the gym, the park, or your favourite running trail. Check it out below.

Photo credit: Nike

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