The best of Dr Jart: a shopping guide for first-time users

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Korean skincare brand Dr Jart is set to join your arsenal of skincare products — even if you’ve probably never heard of it.

Here’s a quick introduction: Dr Jart has been making waves the last couple of years, professing its undying love of and commitment to scientific innovation in the field of skincare and creating products that tackle your skin concerns, one at a time.

Dr Jart, (abbreviated from the phrase “Doctor Joins Art”) reflects the brand’s unique philosophy as the unification of dermatological science and art: resulting in products that aren’t just effective, but also aesthetically-pleasing to place on your dressing table as well.

Dr Jart
Cicapair Serum and Ceramidin Cream

Yet, where do first-time Dr Jart users look to even begin their journey with the Korean brand? Fret not, we’ve pulled together a register of the brand’s most popular and effective products for even the most confused novices. Read on for the full list.

(Hero and featured image credit: Dr Jart)

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