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What gifts and hampers will you be giving away to usher in Year of the Tiger, Chinese New Year 2022? 

Gifting is an indispensable custom during Chinese New Year. The symbolic gesture comes in many shapes. The blissfully married are expected to distribute a red envelope containing a wad of cash to those who are yet to settle down and get wed. A visit to friends and extended family members typically entails a contribution in the form of a basket of produce. It could be something opulent like abalone or something nutritious like edible bird’s nest. For business owners, it is an opportune time to show appreciation to business partners and clients. For those who have flown the coop, Chinese New Year marks the only time of the year where family members are reunited under the same roof. Showering ageing parents with thoughtful gifts therefore becomes a filial obligation. What you present is an embodiment of your well wishes. 

Read on to discover curated gifts and hampers for Chinese New Year 2022:

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