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There’s a good reason why field watches have long since transcended their military pedigree (and it has nothing to do with Post Malone’s love of Realtree camo). For one thing, they’re designed to literally stand up to battle, which generally speaks well when it comes to quality and functionality in non-combat situations. For another, whether we’re talking about bucket hats, bomber jackets or field watches (a.k.a infantry watches), military gear tends to have a particular kind of rugged, honest appeal that looks particularly fresh with everything you pair it with: faded jeans, crisp white tees, an apocalypse-ready canvas trucker. Such is definitely the case with the picks below, each of which will add a subtle military flavor to your look, no basic training required. Even better: at less than 500 bucks each, you don’t need a budget as big as the Pentagon’s to get one on your wrist.

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  • Bertucci DX-3 watch

    As good on a camping trip as it is on a city patio, Bertucci’s classic riff on the style is basically the chore jacket of watches. And yeah, it looks great with a chore jacket, too.

  • Timex MK1 Aluminum watch

    The first Timex MK1s were made in the early 1980s and issued to US Marines. This one looks pretty much the same, but you don’t need a crew cut and a Semper Fi tattoo to score one.

  • Casio Men’s Solar Powered Stainless Steel watch

    In the event of a zombie apocalypse, this is the timepiece you want to grab on your way out the door. It’s got a beefy bezel, a rugged canvas strap, and—unlike you—can run forever without stopping. Stay safe out there.

  • Seiko 5 Automatic watch

    You can think of the Seiko 5 as the used Subaru Outback of field watches. It’s affordable, reliable, and you can beat the crap out of it for years to come.