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Look fresh in the morning with these fatigue-fighting treatments to power through your day. 

If eyes are the window to your soul, your under-eyes are tell-all for everything from dehydration, lack of sleep, and everything in between, For many, the quickest solution is to slap on some concealer and pray for the best, but there’s only so much makeup can hide. The fragile skin surrounding the eye area gives pretty much everything away, and for this, a little help in the form of eye masks is always useful, regardless of what your concerns are.

These convenient, easy-to-apply patches are a joy for tired, stressed-out eyes, and can do more than eye creams in a shorter span of time, with ingredients that are specially formulated to brighten, firm, and hydrate all at once. Doesn’t hurt that some of these are pretty darn chic to sport too.

From pre-date preps and hangovers to a mellow girls’ night in, here are the best eye masks for every concern and occasion.

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