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Of course, the Japanese had to do everything excellently, including gins.

Ten years ago, no one would’ve thought that the next artisanal gin boom would come from Japan. The country was already known for a plethora of other spirits and alcoholic beverages — sake, umeshu, and shochu being but a few that had already taken the world by storm. Today, the country has managed to apply its meticulous art of distilling to gin-making, and we’re all for this new frontier.

What is it exactly that makes Japanese gins so compelling, you ask? For one, the country’s diverse agricultural scene has paved the way for some of the most amazing botanicals. While juniper remains to be the dominant component in gin, it is native produce like yuzu, sancho pepper, and matcha that bring a unique complexity to the table, creating a spirit that’s both familiar but also unmistakably Japanese.

Then there’s her mastery of base spirits, of which distillers have toiled to perfect over generations. Many of these craft gin makers herald from established distilleries who have already mastered the art of producing alcoholic beverages like sake or shochu, so the foundation on which they build on is already on solid ground. 

While gins like Roku and Nikka Coffey Gin have already found their way into the homes and hearts of gin lovers, there remains to be a wealth of lesser-known labels still waiting to be discovered. From Ki No Bi’s romantic interpretation of Kyoto’s heritage to Masahiro’s Okinawan tribute, here are the best Japanese craft gins your home bar needs.

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