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Surprise your loved ones with these quirky advent calendars made for every unique personality this Christmas 2021.

You know the type. Those who start crossing off calendars the moment Halloween ends. Fir trees on standby. Stockings pulled out of storage. Holiday dinner spreads all planned and ready. The ones even Mariah Carey has warned in her sing-songy cadence, “Not yet.”

There’s one in all our lives: The Christmas Crusader. The one who’s already played Michael Buble‘s Christmas album at least a dozen times since the month began; Ariana’s “Santa Tell Me” thrice. Hums, repeatedly, the singular chorus of “All I Want For Christmas Is You“. Baby, it’s not even cold outside. Not yet, it’s only November! No more Christmas songs before December or it’s bad luck!

In a last-ditch effort to not let their holiday-eagerness-turned-bad-juju rub off on poor you and I, get them an Advent calendar* to channel that overflowing Christmas enthusiasm elsewhere. Holiday packaging and the potential of opening something cute (no, not another list of beauty Advent calendars) will be a great distraction. For now.

*Spoilers of Advent calendar 2021 boxes ahead, you’ve been warned

Advent Calendars to Shush Every Kind of Hummer:

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