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The latest vehicle in Audi’s ever-widening range of Sphere-themed concept cars has just arrived: meet the Activesphere, a sleek four-door coupe that transforms into a go-anywhere, utilitarian pickup in mere moments. 

Just take a moment to consider the concept’s proportions – 4.98m in length, hoisted high above the ground on 22-inch wheels – against its swanky, coupe-like roofline, sloping downward to reveal a rear storage area that essentially functions like a split tailgate.

You read that right. By folding down its tailgate and sliding up the rear window, the Activesphere can create an on-demand pickup truck bed that easily accommodates a pair of road bikes (or a couple of coolers of ice-cold beer). Winter sports enthusiasts can also look forward to mounting points on the vehicle’s roof for ski or snowboard racks. 

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