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We’ve (just about) made it to 2022, y’all, and we’re here to help get your closet ready with 50 GQ-approved foundational men’s wardrobe essentials. We’d advise redirecting all the funds you were going to drop on a gym membership and new kitchen supplies toward some (or all!) of these. Rather than making a bunch of empty resolutions you know you’ll never keep, focus on one you absolutely can: dressing better. These pieces will keep your style on point in 2022 and beyond, whether you’re reworking your entire closet for the new year ahead, or just filling in the gaps because the end-of-year sales are on. Mix and match these men’s wardrobe essentials to your heart’s content and throw in a few style swerves here and there for something a little unexpected; you’ll make looking fly every day seem like a piece of cake.

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