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The hottest knit polos, corduroy pants, soccer jerseys, and more—handpicked by GQ editors.

The 18 Best New Menswear Items to Buy This Week

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    • 1/18

      Noah x Adidas core logo raglan hoodie

      Because the world has enough plain hoodies. —Gerald Ortiz

    • 2/18

      Abercrombie & Fitch oversized long-sleeve sweater polo

      You guys: Abercrombie is really good now. —Yang-Yi Goh

    • 3/18

      Goodfight Coversall trench

      Double the collars for double the fun. —Melissa Yang

    • 4/18

      Stray Rats Star Sweater

      The quickest pathway to stardom? Copping this sweater. —Alex Wedel

    • 5/18

      S.S. Daley “Hockney” corduroy straight-leg trousers

      Tell me you’re Harry Styles’ pantmaker of choice without telling me you’re Harry Styles’ pantmaker of choice. —Avidan Grossman

    • 6/18

      Things Happen To Us crewneck

      It’s getting colder, which means there’s no such thing as too many crewnecks with a strong minimal design to ride out the winter with. —Frazier Tharpe

    • 7/18

      Eytys “Othello” leather penny loafers

      The only kind of convertible I can afford. —Gerald Ortiz

    • 8/18

      Wales Bonner x Adidas Originals edition college T-shirt

    • 9/18

      Our Legacy fake leather Venice blouson

      Invite some (fake) leather to your outfit parties this winter. —Cam Wolf

    • 10/18

      Stone Island logo-embroidered cotton-corduroy overshirt

      The kind of winter blues we can get behind. —Yang-Yi Goh

    • 11/18

      Supreme x Missoni sweater

      The best Supreme collab of the season, in my book. —Samuel Hine

    • 12/18

      Video Store Mega Puff sweatpants

      All I’m wearing this winter. —Willa Bennett

    • 13/18

      Martin Asbjørn “Adam” jacket

      Silky undershirt, thick gold chain, and tub of high-shine pomade sold separately. —Avidan Grossman

    • 14/18

      A Kind of Guise “Deniro” coat

      Stay toasty straight down to your ankles. —Yang-Yi Goh

    • 15/18

      Amongst Others Bobbi Humphrey tee

      ❤️❤️❤️ —Gerald Ortiz

    • 16/18

      Beklina lace basic pant

      Is copping a pair of sheer lace pants on the precipice of a New York winter an obscenely dumb idea? Sure. Am I going to do it anyway? Absolutely. —Yang-Yi Goh

    • 17/18

      Adidas x Wales Bonner graphic LS T-shirt

      The only college worth attending. —Cam Wolf

    • 18/18

      Nike x Canada Soccer replica jersey

      If you haven’t yet witnessed the single greatest goal celebration of 2021, do yourself a favor and fix that immediately. —Yang-Yi Goh

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