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    Todd Snyder x Footjoy cardigan sweater vest

    Hello, friends! It’s Masters week, and that means a grip of unusually stylish golf gear. Like this cargidan from Todd Snyder and Footjoy, which looks little more like something you’d wear to play in Palm Springs with Arnold Palmer in 1957 than the stuff sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods. —Sam Schube

  • 2/18

    Merrell Alpine Clogs

    Affordable summer mules with a chunky ripple bottom…what’s not to love. —Chris Gayomali

  • 3/18

    Adsum workshirt

    It’s hard to convey through a computer screen, but I’ve seen this joint IRL and the fabric and colors are so perfectly washed out that I was conviced it was a vintage flannel shirt. —Gerald Ortiz