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The 15 Best Hair Perfumes for More Luxurious-Smelling Strands

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Oct 25, 2021

From nourishing hair masks to growth-enhancing supplements, today’s hair care aisles have expanded into niche categories aimed at achieving various hair goals with a shared mission: to make hair not only look its best but also feel its best. Enter luxury hair perfumes

Like skincare’s beloved face mists, hair perfumes provide an instant refresh, alluding to just-shampooed strands in the form of a delicate perfume spray. However, finding the perfect scent tailored specifically to your olfactory goals is no simple task. A quick lesson in perfumery: Fragrances are a blend of different notes. Those notes are descriptors of the many scents present throughout a perfume. There are top notes, which are the fragrance’s first impression and the lightest of all the notes; heart notes, which are — quite literally — the heart of the fragrance; and then base notes, which are the final scents that appear once the top notes are completely gone and the heart notes have started to dissolve. Together, the blend of all three levels of notes creates a full sensory experience and ultimately a unique, lavish fragrance. 

When applied to the hair, perfumes leave a lasting impression that is both refreshing and sensual, while also providing several added hair care benefits. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the 15 best hair perfumes and hair mists in the three most prevalent fragrance categories: fresh notes, floral notes, and woody notes. Discover the luxury of hair perfumes that you never knew you needed below.

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Hair Perfumes With Fresh Notes

Hair Mists With Floral Notes

Hair Fragrances With Woody Notes

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