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Tarot has a charged history that has long existed in the fringes of society.

Its origins as a card game in Europe circa the 15th-century has given way for the cards to be, and remain, an avenue for divination since the 18th-century. Since that shift, tarot cards have always coalesced with the mystic, the spiritual and the occult.

These days, tarot is part of the surge of new-age practices now popular amongst millennials. Crystals, full moon meditations, sage cleanses are alternative means to engage with their own wellbeing.

It is natural that the rise of tarot too, booms, as it can be where mindfulness, introspection and curiosity about the future meet in a deck of cards. As prolific as this movement is in the West, tarot in Singapore is a relatively new pursuit, emerging from the fringes to enter the mainstream via mediums like Instagram.

Obviously, tarot is not for everyone, especially if you’re a sceptic. If you’re not 100 percent sold to new age fanaticism, it takes a form of open-mindedness or interest in tarot to visit a teller in the first place, a pursuit that people who scoff at horoscopes cannot relate to. But for all of you locals who are intrigued by this phenomenon and want to give it a go, we’ve rounded up some places to engage with tarot in Singapore, from physical to digital readers.

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