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Boxer Amir Khan splashed the cash for his baby son Muhammad Zaviyar’s first birthday by purchasing a £30,000 Rolex watch, but it’s clear that’s not the only luxury item he owns. We take a trip down memory lane to look back on the guided house tour that he and wife Faryal gave OK! back in March.

It’s clear that the family enjoy the fonder things in life, as his four bedroom home boasts huge closet space, a swimming pool and even a ‘lad pad’ where he keeps all his trophies and title belts. We’re giving OK! VIP members unlimited access inside his family adobe, you don’t want to miss out!

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Amir and his wife Faryal gave OK! an exclusive guided tour around their four bedroom home and told us their five favourite things.

The Olympic boxer kicked off the tour by showing off his memorabilia cabinet, where he keeps his gold medal, various boxing belts and titles.

OK! 1231 At home with Amir Khan OVERS

Boxer Amir Khan has a wall dedicated to his sporting achievements

Speaking to his baby son who he held in his arms during the tour of the room, Amir asked him: “Zaviyar, so when you get older are you going to show your friends daddy’s room?

“All the belts, and all your little belts too because he’s already a world champion.”

OK! 1231 At home with Amir Khan OVERS

Amir and wife Faryal with their baby son

OK! 1231 EXCLUSIVE Amir Khan Family at home

Amir revealed to OK! that he and his wife had two separate houses

Excited to show his son all of his achievements, the sportsman explained “I can’t wait to show my son the daddy’s room. All of my belts are there, what I’ve won, all of my world title belts, all of my trophies that mean so much to me and my life.

“So one day I can show my little boy that and when he grows up he understands how hard daddy had to work for them.”

OK 1231 EXCLUSIVE Amir Khan Family at home

Amir has had title belts made for his baby son

OK! 1231 At home with Amir Khan OVERS

The Olympic boxer said he wants his son to see how hard he has worked over the years

Listing other impressive items in her house, Faryal said that one of her favourite parts is her shoe wardrobe which is fitted with LED lights. Shocked at how many shows his wife owns, he joked “I mean you can only wear a pair at a time, you’ve got so many.”

Another one of Amir’s favourite parts of the house is his walk-in wardrobe. The boxer admitted that he likes to splurge on outfits but some of them have never even been worn.

OK 1231 EXCLUSIVE Amir Khan Family at home

The Khan family have a stunning walk-in wardrobe

“Half the time I never really wear them I just kind of keep them there. Look a lot of them I’ve still got the tags on them.”

The Olympic gold medallist also has a space which is dubbed the “boy’s pad”. Amir explained that this is the place he goes to when he wants to “get away from everyone.”

OK! 1231 At home with Amir Khan OVERS

Amir has a designated ‘boy’s pad’ where he goes to chill out with his friends

“This is the special chair I’ve got which is shaped as a boxing glove, so this is where I normally chill out, sit down and watch my boxing fights.”

The jaw-dropping house is also kitted out with a pool table. Amir told us, “I’m not really the best pool player but all the boys get together, we all have a game of pool, watching a bit of TV and stuff like that so I like to keep that house as a boy’s pad.”

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