Superstar Address: The $6.53M Suite Of BTS And Each Member’s Upscale Property

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Earlier this year, one of the band’s members bought a 2,483-square-foot home that is even pricier than the BTS Suite.

BTS (top row): V, J-Hope, and Jungkook. (bottom row): RM, Jin, Suga, and Jimin.

Fans of BTS all know that the group began their career
living together in a tiny apartment. Back in 2013, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope,
Jimin, V, and Jungkook resided in a cramped space with their bunk beds,
cabinets, and shoe racks are all mashed together, with only a small corner as a

In 2017, as their ever-evolving music kept breaking
records and their “army” multiplied across the globe, the septet was able to
acquire a new home. Their multimillion-dollar suite is located in The Hill,
said to be the most expensive apartment complex in South Korea. While they live
there together, each member bought their individual properties as well.

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THE HILL exteriors. (Photo from Mooyoung)
The bathroom of a 284 square meter flat in THE HILL. (Photo from The Korea Times)


$6.53 million-worth BTS suite sits in The Hill in Hannam-dong, Seoul. Near Han
River and Mt. Namsan, Hannam-dong’s properties include villas and houses with
tight security, sweeping gardens, and views of Seoul from its high-rise units.
Many of South Korea’s diplomats, business bigwigs, politicians, celebrities,
society members reside here.

suite spans 300 square-meters and boasts a sleek and contemporary design like
some of the high-rise apartments in the complex. The suite has three bedrooms,
two bathrooms, a kitchen connected to a mini one, and a large living room. The
Hill also has facilities similar to a luxury

such as a swimming pool, sauna, fitness club, screen golf, and round-the-clock
medical care.

the group didn’t get to stay much in the suite as their many engagements,
tours, and responsibilities have them zipping around the globe ‘round the year.
But with COVID slowing travel since last year, they most likely have more time
spent in their million-dollar digs.

Interiors of a luxury apartment in THE HILL. (Photos from YouTube)

RM, Jin, and Suga

of the members purchased their own apartment units in different properties. But
for vocalist Kim Seokjin or Jin, he bought his own in The Hill as well. Worth
$3.4 million, the unit was a gift to his parents whom he gave 35 percent of the
ownership to. This acquisition came after his first

in 2018. It was a 614-square-feet unit worth $1.52 million but he sold it in
2019 and purchased a bigger one at 2,508 square feet.

second member to buy a luxurious apartment in The Hill, Kim Namjoon or RM,
reportedly paid in cash. The BTS leader and
rapper acquired a $4-million-worth place spanning 3,060 square feet. Although
living together with the rest of the members, he and Jin now have a separate
place within the same complex. If they ever want some peace away from the
others, they can easily stay in their own suites for a while.

LEFT: interiors of an apartment in UN Village. (Photo from Alicerealty) RIGHT: BTS Suga.

rapper Min Yoongi or Suga, he moved a little farther from The Hill and bought
an apartment unit in UN Village. The real estate is also near the tourist
destination Han River which elevates the price of the properties in the area.
Suga bought the unit for around $3 million.

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LEFT: Apelbaum complex. (Photo from Korea Herald) RIGHT: BTS V.
LEFT: BTS Jimin. RIGHT: Apartment complex in Banpo Jung. (Photo from Tekdeeps)

V and Jimin

out of Hannam-dong, vocalist Kim Taehyung or more known as V, chose to buy
property in Gangnam. Worth $4.55 million, his Apelbaum apartment unit is
estimated to be around 282 square meters. Apelbaum is a well-known residential
choice of artists and celebrities for its tight security and views of the Han

the rest of the members have luxurious apartment units, vocalist and lead
dancer Park Jimin or Jimin surprisingly, bought an old apartment complex. Worth
$3.9 million, it is located in Banpo Jugong near Han River. Despite the
nearly-dilapidated state, the choice is, in fact, strategic as the building is
in the process of full restoration and remodeling. Jimin plans to put the units
up for sale so once the complex’s reconstruction is done, the value of the
apartment will increase.

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LEFT: BTS J-Hope. RIGHT: BTS Jungkook.
LEFT: an apartment in Seoul Forest Trimage. (Photo from KPop Map) RIGHT: Seoul Forest Trimage. (Photo from Skyscraper City)

J-Hope and Jungkook

and main dancer Jung Hoseok or J-Hope was the first member in BTS to own a
personal apartment. J-Hope bought one in Trimaje, Seongsu-dong back in 2016,
way before the group’s fame in the West. The apartment was $1.2 million but has
increased its value to $1.6 million. The house has three rooms with two
bathrooms. The complex is a fitting choice for residents desiring to be near
lush greenery. Trimaje or Seoul Forest Trimage is only a walking distance from
the tourist destination Seoul Forest.

Interiors of an apartment unit in Seoul Forest Trimage. (Photo from Kpop Map)

youngest member and main vocalist, Jeon Jungkook or Jungkook, bought a
single-family unit in Seoul Forest Trimage. However, he sold it for $2.3
million last October 2020 without ever living in it. Early this year, he
purchased another property, a two-story house in Itaewon. With a floor space
spanning 2,483 square feet, the entire home’s value is $7 million—worth more
than the group’s home in Hannam-dong.

All BTS photos are from BTS’ Official Facebook page.

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