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SunButter sunscreen has been developed in a bid to reduce this chemical sunscreen pollution by founders Sacha and Tom, a marine biologist couple. Having travelled the world as naturalists on expedition ships, they’ve witnessed the recession of pristine reefs across the equator. “We now know that chemical sunscreens are a stressor on coral reefs, which are already facing severe threats,” says Sacha. “For example, the UV blocker oxybenzone can be toxic to marine life in a concentration of one drop per 6.5 Olympic-sized swimming pools of seawater. You can imagine that’s not great for our bodies either.”

SunButter sunscreen is formulated with non-nano particle zinc oxide – the safest known UV blocker for our skin and the sea, enriched with natural oils and waxes. An Australian owned business, SunButter’s vegan and cruelty-free products are made and packaged plastic-free right here in Australia in a solar powered factory. “We are a fore-purpose-business ,” says Tom, “Ten percent of our profit goes back to the planet, because we believe in protecting the communities and environments that care for us.

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