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In a world dominated by iPhones, it can feel a little suffocating knowing that you share the same phone as the next guy.

That’s where tech accessories come in: those handy knick-knacks that dress up your favourite gadgets are like a banner declaring that yes, you are special. All you need is an hour on Casetify and a credit card to establish your individuality.

Unsurprisingly, fashion, ever the vehicle of self-expression, has also gotten into the business of selling tech accessories. (After all, luxury brands make pretty much anything these days, from masks to Jenga sets.) We first noticed them on the Fall/Winter 2020 runways, where the likes of Prada and Fendi had micro bags dangling from models’ wrists and belts, just big enough to stash their AirPods in. The trend lingered long enough for September’s Paris Fashion Week, where even Chanel, the world’s authority on luxury handbags, got in on the game with their teeny-tiny trinkets.

This is all great news for those looking to make a fashion statement out of their very functional must-haves. Forget about Casetify; below, we’ve rounded up the best luxury tech accessories to spruce up your smartphones, headphones and more.

Header photo credit: Burberry

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