Spot the Difference — May 6, 2021

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Answers: The shadow, the color of the sneakers, the length of the handle and the reversed Nike swoosh.

Winners: Javi, Sharon D. Tracie S., Catherine A., Nancy C., Brad S., Donnamarie M., Linda O., Cathy L., Carolyn B., Prakash R., Jeff R., Ishtiaq J., John F., Linda K., Susan D.G., Nancy C., Mary B.M., Jane L., Cathy Grave D.P., Jennifer D., Kathleen S., Darlene, Ron H., Steve B., Edwin A., Lesley S., Louanne V., Greg L., Dean G., Catherine B., Lori V.S., Richard W.H., James C., Lyniea, Erin T., Pattie R., James C., Kevin C., Hitomi P., Eva S., Eric R., Stephen J.C., Tim T., Jacqueline T., Jeffrey W., Dean L., Greg J.M., Jon S., Cindy A., Gilley and Mike G. — congratulations! That’s game, set and match to you!!

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