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Answers: The Loch Ness monster, Kermit the frog, the hat color and the reflection in the water.

Winners: Vicky M., Jacqueline T., Dan L., Frank G., Linda T. Jeanette E., C. Carillo, Nora B., Larry V., Karen D., Jack T., Paul L., Brenda M., Ann T., Jen L., Fran M., Sally R., James C., S. Mark S., James J., Eric J., Shari O., Elizabeth L., Richard C.M., Hedwig H., L. Greenberg, Ernie R., Nancy C., Shelly M.H., Mark B.H., Pim d.K., Joyce C., Sharon R., Gary G., William P., Louise S., Louanne V., Jean M., Ellen S., Kathleen S., Cathy L., Stephanie C., Henry M.A., Ishtiaq J. — congratulations!!! You all got it right!!

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