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Bentley is one of those brand names inextricably associated with luxury. So when Bentley takes one of its most-coveted automobiles and makes it extra lavish, it makes a mighty impression. So it goes for Bentley’s 2022 Flying Spur Mulliner, the latest entry in the realm of cars so expensive that those who have to ask for prices cannot afford them (present company very much included).

You really have to think of these kinds of vehicles as works of art, rather than mere cars (though they are very much driveable). Especially once you introduce the term “coachbuild,” perhaps most famously associated with Bentley rival Rolls-Royce. However, Bentley asserts that its Mulliner program is the world’s oldest coachbuilding outfit.

For those unfamiliar, coachbuilt cars are the most luxurious custom automobiles around, produced by only a select number of discerning companies. Bentley’s Flying Spur — first seen in 2006 — presumably could have been remixed by the Mulliner imprint since its debut, if the customer had pockets deep enough. However, for the past few years, its Mulliner iteration has actually been created for display, hence why we have a proper look at the 2022 model.

The 2022 Flying Spur Mulliner has all the under-the-hood specs you’d expect — exclusive Mulliner 22-inch wheels, Double Diamond front grille, bespoke dash clock — and you get your choice of customization options on top of that. For instance, buyers may choose between V6 petrol Hybrid or V8 and W12 powertrains and their own interior color schemes.

If this all sounds typically fancy, hold onto your monocle. At a button’s press, “picnic” tables can be deployed at the rear of the front seats, which include leather-trimmed facades with room for a writing utensil. The 2022 Flying Spur Mulliner also features truly opulent features like a heated steering wheel and quilted seats painstakingly stitched to create Bentley’s signature diamond pattern, because even your Bentley-owning butt gets to be swathed in luxury.