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Welcome to New Arrivals, our ongoing tally of the freshest, flyest, can’t-miss menswear hitting the digital shelves right this very instant. 

Stay Neutral 

You know how your buddy Brent is always jetting off to Joshua Tree to immerse himself in the “restorative powers of the desert”? Embracing dusty, sandy, light brown tones has the same effect on your closet—and it works even better if you wear a whole bunch of ‘em all at once. If you’re not sure where to start, take a gander at the latest version of Alex Mill’s smash-hit button-up, a perennial GQ-favorite the brand just dropped in a not-quite-mocha shade of khaki. Would it look rad with a battered denim jacket? Sure. But it’ll look even better poking out from beneath Sacai’s wild-style riff on the pointdexter-y argyle sweater. 

Freaky Textures

Big, bold colors are good. But big, bold colors paired with big, bold textures—like nubby ostrich leather or Issey Miyake’s iconic pleated nylon—are downright transcendent. Whoever said less is more probably never encountered a Lemonhead-yellow western belt or a croc-embossed bag from Luar—and they were definitely worse off for it.  

Dad Energy

When in doubt, dress like your old man” is always a smart credo to orient yourself around, but it rings especially true in 2023. Start with a beefy striped rugby from the new J.Crew, and then lean all the way into the vibe with washed-out jeans courtesy of the neo-workwear savants at Knickerbocker. 

Rocky Mountain Featherbed for Drake’s heritage down mountain parka, $1,095 at Drake’s

Sleeveless Wonders

Sweater vests have been cool again for a hot second, but in 2023, designers are cranking ‘em out in wilder, wavier varieties than ever before. Case in point: The Elder Statesman‘s groovy tie-dyed riff, which looks like what happens when a Rothko leaps out of its frame and wraps your torso in a bear hug. Don’t have two grand to spend on top-of-the-line cashmere? All good: the fine people at Banana Republic—yes, that Banana Republic—made one out of responsibly-sourced wool, doused it in a cheery shade of Nickelodeon orange, and only want $200 in return. Pull one over a crisp white tee and let your funky knit do all the talking.