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A left-wing freelance reporter tried to smear Justice Clarence Thomas by unearthing an old video of him complimenting his wife, and many on social media responded with mockery and ridicule.

Aaron Rupar posted a video of Thomas telling his wife in an interview how much her support meant to him, and he posted it hoping critics of the couple would find some hidden nefarious meaning in his statement.

“And the best part of being a justice?” asked his wife Virginia Thomas in the interview.

“First of all, it’d be impossible without you. It’s sorta like, how do you run with one leg? You can’t,” said Justice Thomas.

“It makes it whole when I have my wife,” he added.

Virginia Thomas has admitted to attending the Jan. 6 rally that later turned to violence at the U.S. Capitol, but she has said that she left early in the morning because it was so cold. Later, texts from her to Mark Meadows, who was the White House chief of staff at the time, detailed her insistence that former President Donald Trump stay the course and fight to overturn the official results of the presidential election.

Critics of Justice Thomas have pounced on the revelations to accuse the conservative jurist without evidence of bias in his court rulings. The video from Rupar was apparently an attempt to tie his wife’s political activism to the Thomas’ career on the highest court of the land.

Clarence Thomas to Ginni during a 2018 interview, on the best part of being on SCOTUS: u201cItu2019d be impossible without you. Itu2019s sorta like, how do you run with one leg? You canu2019t. It makes it whole when I have my wife.u201d https://youtu.be/9MUiJ5_akJMu00a0pic.twitter.com/iI87SBz9MV

— Aaron Rupar (@Aaron Rupar) 1648758374

Many on Twitter thought the attempt to make something wicked out of the compliment Justice Thomas made to his wife was absurd, and they made their feelings known about it.

“Aaron Rupar EXPOSES Clarence Thomas having a good relationship with his wife,” read one popular tweet.

“Imagine clipping this because you think it makes Clarence Thomas bad,” replied Phillip Klein of National Review.

“Wow he loves his wife. we really need to think seriously about impeachment,” tweeted Becket Adams sarcastically.

“The difference between a man and a boy is the man celebrates his wife and the boy complains when he sees another male do this,” replied Dana Loesch.

“Aaron, I understand that you might be in a bad marriage but I just want to let you know that this clip from Clarence Thomas is actually an example of what a man who loves his wife sounds like. It’s not the gotcha you seem to want it to be,” responded Matt Walsh.

Some on the left have demanded that Thomas recuse himself or even resign over the vague accusations of bias, but there are no indications that he will do either.

Here’s the full video of the Thomas interview:

Leaders with Ginni Thomas featuring Clarence Thomas www.youtube.com