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Studies have shown a dramatic increase in problematic drinking over the last year, especially among women, according to The New York Times.

In reaction, many people are becoming “sober curious.” Rather than cutting out alcohol entirely, they’re exploring elements of a booze-free lifestyle without fully abstaining.

“Mindful drinking” has become increasingly commonplace in recent years, said Rosamund Dean, a journalist in London who published a book based on the term in 2017. According to the article, she wanted to become more intentional about her relationship to drinking instead of seeing alcohol as a habit or a crutch.

“Collectively, we’ve inherited this story about alcohol that the only way to change your drinking is if you’ve hit rock bottom,” said Dru Jaeger, co-founder and director of programs at  Club Soda, an online community that sprouted up nearly seven years ago in Britain. The group hosts online and in-person social events without alcohol, as well as free and paid programs that teach members how to reduce their drinking habits.

About half of Club Soda’s over 70,000 members are interested in moderation rather than becoming entirely sober. The group has seen consistent growth, particularly in the U.S., in recent years, as well as more interest from people in their 20s. Full Story

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