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Timothée Chalamet gave us the crossover we didn’t know we needed last night when he appeared as Harry Styles in a skit on Saturday Night Live.

“I’m Harry Styles. I’m a singer. I’m told I’m a sensual fashion man. You could say I do it for everyone,” he explained on the “Dionne Warwick Show” before winking at the camera.

It seems the American actor was taking notes when he was interviewed by the British musician last year. Styles’ fanbase was apparently pleased with Chalamet’s accent as well as the wardrobe choices.

The 24-year old actor donned a pair of brown, high-waisted trousers, a wide-collar blouse, and a rainbow-striped sweater – possibly channeling Styles’ Gucci-heavy “Golden” video.

He also took the opportunity to offer clarity about Styles’ much speculated upon single, “Watermelon Sugar.” “I think it’s just about summer, but some people think it’s about oral sex,” he told Warwick– specifying, “On a woman.”

The crossover didn’t end there. Chalamet used his hosting debut to remind audiences of Styles’ “Treat people with kindness” slogan. Watch his closing comments below.

“Treat people with kindness. We’ve all been through a crazy year, so that can be something that sounds corny. Someone else famous made that saying really well known, Harry Styles.. I impersonated him 2 seconds ago but it’s true.” – Timothée Chalamet on TPWK and Harry. (@nbcsnl) pic.twitter.com/FYDrgZTB82

— Harry Styles Updates. 🧁 (@TheHSUpdate) December 13, 2020

Elsewhere, Chalamet and Pete Davidson teamed up on the piano to reminisce about their respective childhood Christmases in New York and Staten Island. Check out the full performance below.

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