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“Do you remember
when every part of us
longed to wander —
born movers
we know life isn’t long enough
to stay in the same place.”

So goes a poem titled Seeking Simplicity, by Laurie Bolger commissioned by Small Luxury Hotels of The World — a collection of hotels around the globe.

In the age of Covid-19 and closed borders, the reminder that life isn’t long enough to stay in the same place is a poignant one. Yet as vaccinations progress, travel will once again be a reality. We are in what feels like the final stretch of the pandemic, and planes will once again, take to the skies.

(Image credit: Small Luxury Hotels of The World)

As optimism picks up, SLH is expressing a return to the idea of simplicity. In fact, an international survey of over 6000 respondents in UK, US, Singapore and Australia commissioned by the brand revealed that the top 50 simple pleasures are as rudimentary as they come. While each country has its own ranking, common threads include having a nice dinner, listening to a favourite song and seeing a stunning view.

Here, we get four personalities to relate what seeking simplicity means to them, plus don’t miss the giveaway to any SLH hotel in the world at the bottom of the article.

“Food! There’s nothing more satisfying than ordering my must-have dish at my favourite restaurant.

In Kyoto, I always order a hearty bowl of burnt miso ramen at Gogyo; a sampler plate of creative desserts at Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney; or a simple plate of succulent roast goose meat at Yung Kee in Hong Kong.”

Mark Wong
Senior Vice President Asia Pacific
Small Luxury Hotels of The World

“My idea of simplicity is really to pare back, be able to switch off my data and wifi and be one with nature.

This can be anywhere — it can be amongst the glacial lagoons of Iceland or over in the jungles of Kalimantan. The ability to be still, experience all that the planet has to offer is simplicity at its finest.”

Azimin Saini


Editor of Lifestyle Asia Singapore

“My youngest daughter turns four now, and even though she’s traveled extensively when she was a baby, she doesn’t remember any of it. She’s older and more cognisant of her experiences now, so i’m really looking forward to taking her on a simple, good old fashioned road trip – somewhere she can experience the great outdoors and witness how majestic nature is in all it’s vastness. Western Australia or the West Coast would be great places to start. That city kid needs to know what she’s been missing out on!”

Charmaine Seah


Co-founder of Elementary Co

“I am truly looking forward to having complete and uninterrupted time with my family – especially the kids, without any work beckoning or demanding my attention.

I can’t wait to find myself in nature again and to simply just be. To stand in awe of our planet and be humbled by its beauty.”

Aarika Lee

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