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“Do you remember
when every part of us
longed to wander —
born movers
we know life isn’t long enough
to stay in the same place.”

So goes a poem titled Seeking Simplicity, by Laurie Bolger commissioned by Small Luxury Hotels of The World — a collection of hotels around the globe.

In the age of Covid-19 and closed borders, the reminder that life isn’t long enough to stay in the same place is a poignant one. Yet as vaccinations progress, travel will once again be a reality. We are in what feels like the final stretch of the pandemic, and planes will once again, take to the skies.

(Image credit: Small Luxury Hotels of The World)

As optimism picks up, SLH is expressing a return to the idea of simplicity. In fact, an international survey of over 6000 respondents in UK, US, Singapore and Australia commissioned by the brand revealed that the top 50 simple pleasures are as rudimentary as they come. While each country has its own ranking, common threads include having a nice dinner, listening to a favourite song and seeing a stunning view.

Here, we get four personalities to relate what seeking simplicity means to them, plus don’t miss the giveaway to any SLH hotel in the world at the bottom of the article.

“Food! There’s nothing more satisfying than ordering my must-have dish at my favourite restaurant.

In Kyoto, I always order a hearty bowl of burnt miso ramen at Gogyo; a sampler plate of creative desserts at Koi Dessert Bar in Sydney; or a simple plate of succulent roast goose meat at Yung Kee in Hong Kong.”

Mark Wong
Senior Vice President Asia Pacific
Small Luxury Hotels of The World

“Can I put it bluntly? I love hotel beds. There’s a particular peace of mind I only encounter on vacation, and I believe a lot of it is linked to the bed. I love a crisp, white duvet. My simple pleasure is diving into it after ordering room service (Riesling and a club sandwich) in my bathrobe. After a long day outdoors and a sprinkle of bath salts into the tub to some music, it’s a true indulgence to me. I succumb to a different kind of slumber when I’m on holiday. Nothing beats that sleepy, soothing, worry-free feeling.”

Lisa Gries
Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Bangkok

“My simple pleasure during my holiday was when I had time to travel the world. I loved when I was wandering around the places I had never been before. Exploring the city on a sunny day was my favourite. Not to mention, taking a stroll around the city and having a photo session at different spots. These things are my cup of tea. Also, I loved when I had time for myself, woke up early and went jogging, cooked a healthy meal, and did something productive for myself.”

Oranicha ‘Proud’ Krinchai
Fashion Influencer

“Strolling through town, watching people go on about their lives, and appreciating culture and architecture never ceases to amaze me on my trip to an unvisited city or country.

Many things can be learned from noticing these little things here and there, and what different values are being appreciated in different places across the globe.

The other thing I most enjoy while traveling is to try local cuisine. While Michelin or guidebooks provide a reputable list of restaurants, it is more adventurous to get recommendations from the real locals. Try the van driver, surf instructor, salesperson at Footlocker, or 7-11 store clerk. Who knows, your new favourite restaurant might be in the small alley with just one table and several stools.”

Tulyatep Uawithya
Sports Influencer

“Having a chance to travel with my family during the holidays is always a pleasure to me. Happiness will always come along no matter where we are as long as we stick together as a family.

Getting to be on a road trip, facing some difficult situations, and solving unexpected problems together is such a great and loving experience that I only get during the holidays. These things are so simple but it’s such a pleasure because as a family we get to learn and grow together through these little things that come along the way.”

Netdaw ‘Mee’ Vattanasimakon
Founder and Creative Director of Landmee

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