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Sita Abellán is a Spanish model, DJ, and multi-faceted creative. She’s also the face of Converse’s latest Weapon CX drop. The collection, dubbed “Loyalty”, features red/white and blue/white colorways of the newly-released sneaker.

The Weapon CX is Converse’s contemporary version of the iconic Weapon, which was the on-court sneaker of choice for a lot of the NBA’s top stars in the ’80s. Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were two notable players that wore the shoe before Michael Jordan changed the sneaker landscape forever.

Ahead of the Weapon CX Mid Kinetic Blue White dropping on Monday, we caught up with Abellán to find out what she thinks about the revamped design and how she would style the extra chunky sneaker.


How are you? What are some of the things you’re working on right now that you’re excited about?

I’m good!l I’m currently in Barcelona where I live. I’m excited about my music coming out at the end of December. It’s my first music release a remix, which I did with Regal, a friend and an amazing artist I respect very much. My first record is also coming out next year. I have a new Lilith drop coming soon, including a collection of jewels and also some really cool collaborations and full looks. And I’m working on my first NFTs and exploring digital fashion. It’s an exciting phase of the changing of the technological paradigm and I’m excited to explore it and experiment.


What are your thoughts on the revamped Weapon CX? Do you have any favourite design details?

I really love this revamped version.The design feels retrofuturistic because you have that 80’s feeling yet it’s still contemporary.

Are there any facets of the Weapon’s history that catches your attention?

It’s always interesting to me how sneaker culture originated and evolved from the sports world and from there through artists, rappers, skaters and creatives. It became such an important element of the underground culture of street style and now it’s almost reductive to call it street style, it’s just fashion. But if we think the origins are in sport and in particular the fact that the Weapon was an iconic basketball sneaker in the 80’s, (and when I was I kid I played basketball, even if I was not born in the 80s!), that speaks to me.


What are your thoughts on the collaborations (Rick Owens) and previous colorways of the Weapon CX?

I love Rick Owens so much. His designs are so iconic and his reinterpretation and vision of the weapon is just amazing and unique. He’s pushed the boundaries of what we define as beautiful. I can clearly see his signature design on the TURBOWPN.

The Weapon CX is quite a bulky and hefty shoe. What are some styling tips you could give others that want to wear the Weapon CX?

My styling process is very instinctual, when I see something I just know how to put it together. I can tell you a bit about how I styled them for myself: I wore the RO with a tight long white dress — I loved the contrast and overall silhouette. A few weeks later I styled the peach colorway of the CXC Weapon with a mini dress. The dress has a hoodie and I styled it with a pair of big sunglasses. I loved the retro vibes it conveys…yet very contemporary or even futuristic, just like the shoe! I also wear the all-white ones with a mini white outfit. I love playing with colors and color block looks.  I think the Weapon can be worn in many different ways it really depends on your own style!

Sometimes the most difficult thing is finding pants that match your sneakers. How do you make sure your pants match your shoes? What are some things you look out for?

Again, I think it really comes to individual style – I wear them a lot with dresses ☺!  One element I never forget when I style are accessories. I think it’s fundamental and they just complete every look and render it special. The Converse Weapon CX Mid Kinetic Blue White drops exclusively on Highsnobiety Shop on Monday December 6 at 10am CET.

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