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The women are brought together to celebrate the wedding of their mother to her third husband, who is played by her Four Weddings co-star James Fleet. In the first look from the set of the film, the actresses are pictured leaning over a dinner table, with half-drunk glasses of red wine and empty plates scattered across its top. The film is reported to have drawn its inspiration from Chekhov’s 1900 play Three Sisters and is billed as ‘a compelling family drama about three romantically dysfunctional sisters’. In early June, the cast were pictured filming scenes of the fictional nuptials in a Hampshire churchyard, dressed in wedding finery.

Neither confirmed as a comedy or tragedy, a brief summary of the film reads: ‘Three sisters return to their childhood home for a momentous weekend; the third wedding of their twice-widowed mother, Diana (Scott Thomas). The three daughters are from very different walks of life: Georgina (Beecham), a palliative nurse; Victoria (Miller), a Hollywood star; and Katherine (Johansson), a captain in the Royal Navy. Over the weekend, the family gathers to celebrate a new marriage, but mother and daughters alike are forced to revisit the past and confront the future, with help from a colourful group of unexpected wedding guests.’

Kristin Scott Thomas

Francois Durand/Getty Images