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SINGAPORE: A recall has been issued for ready-to-eat raw Pacific oysters harvested from Coffin Bay, Australia, due to contamination, said the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) on Wednesday (Nov 24). 

The oysters, which were harvested from Coffin Bay from Sep 4 to Nov 16, were recalled due to “vibrio parahaemolyticus contamination”, said SFA. 

Vibrio parahaemolyticus is a species of bacterium normally present in raw seafood, such as crustaceans and molluscan shellfish, due to natural contamination from the aquatic environment in the ocean.

“Consumption of raw seafood with high levels of this bacteria can cause foodborne illnesses including fever, abdominal cramps and severe diarrhoea,” said SFA. 

A recall has been ordered by SA Health, the brand name for the health portfolio of services and agencies under the Government of South Australia. 

As the implicated products were imported into Singapore, SFA has directed three importers to recall the product. 

The recall has been completed by Angliss Singapore and Culina, and is ongoing for Evergreen Seafood.

SFA advised consumers who have bought the implicated product to not eat it.

“Those who have consumed the implicated product and have concerns about their health should seek medical advice,” said the authority. 

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