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It’s always been about you and your own definition of beauty.

Beauty isn’t a one size fits all. We’re all just different in our own ways; it’s as simple as that. Gender, age, physique, and style — every one is unique and you can use that to your advantage in the aisles and aisles of products at Sephora. In this magical wonderland of skincare, makeup, hair, and more, you’ll never run out of options to create and express.

Sephora SEA’s newest campaign My Beauty Power celebrates the strength in defining and creating your own beauty. This new brand positioning and tagline is all about the power of recognising one’s innate beauty and unleashing it in a way that resonates personally with each individual. Sephora steps into this journey by offering this unrestricted beauty environment; whilst providing the freedom and tools to these individuals that would want to express their beauty choices. It encourages people to embrace their own beauty and also unleashing for the world to see and admire.

My Beauty Power is about strength. It’s about discovering what your inner beauty is, being unapologetically yourself and going a step further to celebrate what’s uniquely beautiful about you. This campaign resonates strongly with Sephora’s DNA, which aims at offering an inclusive, fearless environment to build strength and self-confidence through beauty in every part of the world where the brand is present.

Alia Gogi, President of Sephora Asia

As there is no singular expression of beauty, numerous beauty choices are introduced to cater to all individuals. These three are the main pillars of the season, featuring new products that might be able to help you to express or simply enhance your beauty routine.

Products are available at Sephora in-stores, and you can download Sephora app as well. Follow Sephora on Facebook and Instagram for the latest beauty updates.

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