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With the number of gorgeous celebrities we’ve been introduced to over the years, it’s undoubtedly easy to find two people who look oddly alike. These famous people don’t share the same DNA, but they could pass as twins. Having a doppelganger isn’t shocking, but many people are fascinated by their resemblance.

Some of the pairs here share the same passion, but others come from entirely different industries. Let’s take a look at some beautiful celebrity pairs who look like each other, and let’s see if they were ever related somehow. We’re sure some of you might think that the photos here are of the same person!

Helen Mirren & Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence started growing her acting portfolio at 16 years of age, and she endured several years of minor roles before she caught people’s attention with her performance Winter’s Bone. She later got cast as one of the leads in the Hunger Games and X-Men movies.

Photographed above is a photo of her beside a photo from Hellen Mirren back in the day. You can see the resemblance between them just by looking at their faces because they share identical eyes, noses, lips, and cheekbones. Lawrence has two upcoming films called Don’t Look Up and Mob Girl.