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This month, Seiko celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Hybrid Diver’s watches with a new and exciting launch. This launch consists of three timepieces that are each inspired by original Seiko models. Each watch is a modern re-interpretation of the Seiko “Hybrid Diver’s” models. These were a world-first timepiece that broke boundaries in the watch industry at the time. The watches were originally released in 1982, so they have reached a significant anniversary this year. Both the original and new models have a very distinctive appearance as they are designed with analogue and digital displays. These specialist diving models have been released just in time for World Ocean Day and will be great companions for exploring the ocean. These three new watches are incredibly exciting releases for fans of the brand.

The Watches

Seiko Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Hybrid Diver's

Seiko celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Hybrid Diver’s with a collection of timepieces named “Arnie” after Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor wore one of the original models in the film ‘Commando’. The watches grew into great popularity due to this cinematic association. The Hybrid Diver’s have proved its reliability time and time again. The timepiece is famous for having been worn by the explorers on the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition in 1984. The watches have consistently proved their dependability in extreme environments, and new updates using modern technology have further improved their capabilities. Each watch is precisely designed for diving and is water-resistant up to 20 bar.

Seiko Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Hybrid Diver's

Prospex Solar ‘Arnie’ Hybrid Diver’s 40th Anniversary SNJ033P1

This model is in Seiko’s iconic ‘Tuna’ shape. This watch design was fondly nicknamed by fans of the brand due to its shape being reminiscent of a tuna can. This new design has been upgraded with improved visibility to ensure the dial can be read easily whilst diving. This model features a diving log, a depth metre and temperature measuring functions. This model has a black dial with a digital display positioned at the bottom of the dial. The dial is adorned with luminous details. A black dial frames the dial and a stainless steel case surrounds it. This case measures 46.92mm in diameter, making the dial easy to read at a glance. The quartz solar movement that powers the watch is housed within this case. This model is secured on the wrist using a classic stainless steel bracelet.

Prospex PADI ‘Arnie’ Hybrid Diver’s 40th Anniversary SNJ035P1

This model is designed in collaboration with PADI (The Professional Association of Diving Instructors). The PADI collection is exclusive to Seiko and the brand is the only one globally to have professional diving watches in the official PADI colours. This makes this model incredibly desirable to diving enthusiasts and professionals. This watch features light blue detailing in order to improve underwater legibility. Additionally, the stainless steel case is reinforced to make it very durable whilst keeping it lightweight and comfortable to wear. The black dial features luminous indices alongside the iconic digital display. A black bezel frames the dial, giving the timepiece a traditional diver’s watch look. This model is finished with a black silicone strap that is perfectly suited to underwater use.

Seiko Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Hybrid Diver's

Prospex Solar ‘Commando Arnie’ Hybrid Diver’s 40th Anniversary SNJ037P1

This model is set to be the most sought after in the collection as it is a limited edition. This watch is limited to just 4000 pieces globally, making it very desirable and collectable. The all-black design of this watch gives it a very timeless look that will allow it to be worn for any occasion. The subtle colour palette allows the unique features of the timepiece to shine. This model features a black dial with luminous detailing on the hour markers and hands. The dial is framed by a black bezel that continues the dark colour palette. Both the case and bracelet of this watch are made from stainless steel that has been treated with a black hard coating. The watch is powered by a solar quartz movement that allows the watch to use artificial and natural light to keep the watch ticking.

What are your thoughts on Seiko celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Hybrid Diver’s with these exciting new models? Do you have your eye on one of them? Let us know in the comments!

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