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Puppets and Puppets, the luxury label merging fine art and fashion, is reinventing a cult classic. New versions of the brand’s hit Cookie bag, the delectable accessory most recently spotted on Doja Cat, debuted at New York Fashion Week on Sunday — and boy, do they look delicious.

First introduced for Fall/Winter 2021, the witty purse is exactly what it sounds like: a handbag with a hyperrealistic sculpture of a chocolate chip cookie affixed to the front. Now, designer Carly Mark is giving us more ways to enjoy the fresh-baked treat with new Cookie bag colorways including metallic pink, leopard print, and green velvet.

“As the brand evolves, I wanted the Cookie bag to evolve with it,” Mark told Highsnobiety. “I think of it as a glow up.”

There’s more on the Spring/Summer 2023 menu than just cookies. “We are also offering new resin pieces this season that will go on the classic Puppets bag shape,” Mark added, referencing a selection of new food-focused bags featuring fake bananas, fried eggs, brownies, and a macaroni and cheese-gobbling goblin — models that are sure to fly off shelves upon release this winter.

“People are very viscerally responsive to seeing a realistic-looking cookie on a bag,” Mark said of her hero design. “I wear mine everyday and get to see the intensity, as well as frequency, that it affects people everywhere I go.”

Indeed, there’s something totally enchanting about Mark’s hyperreal design, one that presents a convincing enough simulation to elicit double takes. Just like temptingly realistic food models displayed in café windows, Puppets and Puppets’ SS23 bags aren’t edible — but they sure make you want to spend money.

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