Salon 01 London sees a spirit of Bottega Veneta through Daniel Lee’s inspiring cues

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From the project’s venue to the soundtrack of the event, everything from Bottega Veneta‘s Salon 01 London draws a connection between the Italian luxury fashion house and its British creative director, Daniel Lee.

Premiered since October last year, ‘Salon 01’ collection was viewed by a group of local creative figures, cultural pioneers and journalists who were part of Lee’s inspiring sources. The project was set on one of the world’s leading dance venues in London, Sadler’s Wells, a place that has made him who he is today as a creative. At the same time, this was to also support the intrinsic value of Bottega Veneta.

For Lee, his view on collection presentation has taken a free-and-easy approach. An exclusive soundtrack — spoken words by Neneh Cherry — was as well played during the show as music has always been a huge part of his life. With under a ‘Leave No Trace’ principle, the early salon shows were seen using already-owned furniture to set a scene. And here’s a look at Bottega Veneta’s Spring 2021, Salon 01 collection.


The collection echoes on knitted tailoring and handcraft which link to the idea of domestic comfort and reassurance. Hence why the fabrics used are of similar character to home furnishings – simply giving an idea of the homespun and nostalgic memories. Not only that, a reference to the 1960s silhouettes, which have been executed with great precision, control and softness, also inspire a feeling of reflection.


Salon 01’s bag collection refers to the soft and comforting home furnishings that, reassuringly, can also be paired up with the pieces from the wardrobe collection. The collection is introduced with both bags for men and women available in vibrant colours, as well as keeping up with the ‘leave no trace’ principle by using every piece of the fabric for the fabrication.


The shoes come in lightweight chunky wedges in crafty homespun finishes and gummy tactile leather. Followed by the unisex puddle boots, made from biodegradable polymer for the base, these are items that have been reimagined for summer. The collection is comforting yet sensed with a thrill of art.


The Salon 01’s jewellery pieces, made of solid silver with the rubbery finish, are varnished and soft in touch. Plus, the pieces’ cubic zirconia gemstones are visibly glimmering through the colour palettes consisting of vividly pastel shades, like a shot of apple sorbet and cameo pink.

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