Rum-Soaked Fruit and Coconut Crisp Sundaes

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Rum-soaked fruit is a staple of so many desserts from Jamaica, my homeland—from pineapple cake to rum cake to spiced bun. Typically the fruits used are dried, and the soaking process long, but ripe, in-season berries only need a few minutes to mingle with booze and sugar before they become something dazzling: a syrupy topping for a not-so-typical summer sundae that allows me to escape to the tropics, even for a few moments. You can also serve this boozy no-cook sauce on top of cornmeal pancakes or French toast, alongside hot buttered biscuits, or over slices of pound cake. Or add a teaspoon to sparkling wine for an easy brunch cocktail. —Chrissy Tracey

This recipe is part of Short Is Sweet, our collection of summer dishes that deliver a whole lot of deliciousness in 30 minutes or less.

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4 Servings



lb. strawberries, hulled, quartered


oz. raspberries

cup raw sugar


cup spiced rum, orange liqueur, or fresh orange juice

Kosher salt

Coconut Crunch


cup unsweetened coconut flakes


cup sliced almonds


Tbsp. pure maple syrup

Kosher salt



pints vegan or dairy vanilla ice cream

Vegan or dairy whipped cream (for serving)

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