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  1. Audi offers vision of progress in Janelle Monáe campaign
  2. Changing luxury: Myths and realities amidst the pandemic
  3. Millennial parents, pandemic trends fueling luxury childrenswear growth: Farfetch
  4. Instagram, TikTok most influential in reaching Gen Z: report
  5. Louis XIII gets a taste of gamification with immersive experience
  6. Gucci, The Savoy, Vogue, Yoox Net-A-Porter and Ulysse Nardin
  7. Dior reinvigorates Miss Dior with latest floral romance
  8. Gucci partners with The Savoy for Royal Suite experience
  9. Gen Z is single-handedly shifting the beauty industry: report
  10. Is the Chinese collector luxury’s savior?

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