Review: Jade Pavilion offers authentic Cantonese cuisine over at The Pavilion Hotel

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A new year calls for new places to try and Jade Pavilion is worth adding to your list with its delicious Cantonese cuisine.

The Pavilion Hotel managed by Banyan Tree has a new joint in town, which will excite you if you’re a fan of dim sum and authentic Cantonese cuisine. This elegant space offers a wide range of pork-free Cantonese cuisine with an atmosphere that’s spacious yet contemporary.

As you enter, you’ll be greeted with a traditional-meets-modern design with intricate floral and natural interior elements. The restaurant takes inspiration from traditional Chinese gardens where you’ll notice the organic flow of lines to resemble the grand pavilions made for imperial families. Perfect for family gatherings and birthday celebrations, the venue provides eight private dining rooms to accommodate between four and 20 pax in each room.

Image credit: Jade Pavilion

With over 120 dishes created by a team of connoisseurs of Cantonese cuisine helmed by Chef Kenny Lee (Chinese Master Chef) and Chef Dino Lee (Dim Sum chef), trust us when we say you’re in good hands. Do keep in mind that the dim sum is only available during lunch, but you can enjoy the ala carte and set menu dishes along with their specialities otherwise. Here are the main dishes to keep a lookout for: Double Boiled Minced Chicken Broth with Supreme Fish Maw, Cantonese Style Sautéed Prawns with Golden Garlic and Sun-dried Chili, Deep Fried Boneless Chicken Fillet Topped with Spicy Plum Sauce, Wok-Fried Cubed Beef Tenderloin with Assorted Mushrooms (which is super delicious) and Golden Garlic.

While we’ve had an opportunity to experience what the incredible meals are like, here’s what you can order when you make your reservation soon.

The highlights

Image credit: Jade Pavilion

For someone who’s a massive fan of dim sum, Jade Pavilion’s variety was a juicy yet tasteful experience to remember. Handcrafted and prepped by resident Chef Dino Lee, I thought the dumplings were delicious and has a nice texture as you take your first bite. I got to try the steamed prawn dumplings with sun-dried scallops, along with the steamed prawn and chicken dumplings, which was a match made in heaven and didn’t leave that starchy texture as some places would. We were also told that their regulars would come back to order the Salted Egg Yolk Custard Charcoal Buns and with that being said, I know I’ll have to come back for a taste.

Slow Oven Baked Hokkaido Scallop Filled with Prawn Paste in Coconut Butter Sauce / Image credit: Lifestyle Asia

Next up, I had the Slow Oven Baked Hokkaido Scallop Filled with Prawn Paste in Coconut Butter Sauce which was a dreamy dish, if you’re a fan of scallops. The harmonious balance of the prawn paste and glaze of the coconut butter sauce wasn’t too overpowering which left a creamy taste as you cut into the scallop for a bite – it’s no wonder this dish was listed under the Chef’s Recommendation in the menu.

As for the mains, I was served with two of their best meat dishes to try: Cantonese Style Roasted Duck, Traditional Herbs Serve with Plum Sauce and the Wok Fried Cubed Beef Tenderloin with Assorted Mushrooms and Golden Garlic. As soon as both dishes arrived, I immediately went for the duck, just because I couldn’t resist the smell of the sweet glaze from the roasted duck. On its own, the meat was juicy and tender with a slight crisp and softness from the roasted skin at the top.

Take a bite and your taste palette will focus on the sweet plum sauce which didn’t distract me so much from the actual juiciness off the meat. If you’re a lover of beef tenderloin with black pepper taste, then you’re going to love the Wok Fried Cubed Beef Tenderloin, which’s equally soft and caramelised. I thoroughly enjoyed both portions of meat to be served as mains, pick your favourite and enjoy the goodness of each flavour.

Image credit: Jade Pavilion

Lastly, there’s nothing like ending the culinary journey by being served with Chilled Mango Puree with Pomelos and Strawberries topped with Caramel Cream Cheese. At a glance, I would consider it a sweet dessert with the mango puree and caramel cream cheese, but I was proven wrong when I took a sip of it. It ended up being a wonderful yet cooling tropical finish to the overall affair – highly recommended to cleanse out the palette.

The Verdict

It’s been a while for me to experience a tasty and wonderful Cantonese meal and thanks to Jade Pavilion, I can foresee bringing my friends and family over soon to enjoy it with me. I’m still dreaming about the dim sum and beef tenderloin till today.

Jade Pavilion restaurant is a half-day dining restaurant that operates from 12 PM to 2:30 PM (lunch hours) and 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM (dinner hours). For reservations, please call +603 2117 2823 or email

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