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As far as haircare goes, I’m relatively low maintenance.

Yes, I shampoo and condition my hair regularly, but I don’t do hair masks or salon treatments. And yet, in the last few months, something has compelled me to consider the latter. Working from home has made my hair fall all the more noticeable; I found myself reaching for my Dyson Fluffy vacuum cleaner more often than I would have liked.

Soon, the nightmares came. I imagined a bald spot forming on the crown of my head — or worse, losing all of my hair. Would I have to start wearing hats? Or just get a buzzcut a la Britney Spears, who was also 25 when she made that major decision?

Thankfully, my fears were suspended when I was offered the chance to try out a hair and scalp treatment by TK TrichoKare.

If you haven’t heard of it, TK TrichoKare is one of the top trichological centres in Singapore. Led by certified trichologists, the centre provides premium European herbal hair remedies that are specially formulated according to what your scalp and hair needs. Read on below for what you can expect from the centre’s award-winning treatment.

An in-depth hair assessment from an expert

(Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia Singapore)

At my appointment at TK TrichoKare’s outlet in Ngee Ann City, I had a one-on-one consultation with one of their in-house Trichologists, Pooja Chhabra. She is certified by the International Association of Trichologists (IAT), which I only found out later, but I definitely got a sense of her expertise through our session.

Pooja ran me through some questions about my lifestyle, ranging from the types of food I ate to how much stress I faced. All of this contributes to the state of my hair, which I already knew, but I didn’t realise that anaemia, which I have, played a role too. She also explained to me how our body distributes nutrients across our organs, leaving our skin and hair for last. That was a shocker.

Another shocker was when she did a scan of my scalp, magnifying it up to 200 times on a screen. For the first time, I saw the clogged pores and flakes that littered my scalp. These impurities, Pooja explained, were a result of not taking proper care of my hair. She emphasised the need for us to wash our hair frequently, especially if you have hair as long as mine and live in a climate as humid as Singapore’s.

She also broke down what constitutes as a healthy scalp: a bit of hair loss is normal, as long as 85% of your hair is still growing. And she reassured me that I could always get back to that desirable state, starting with my treatment.

A customised treatment with all-natural ingredients

My treatment began with the application of OxyPeel, which is often used in facials to exfoliate your skin. The solution works just as well on scalps, too, especially in getting rid of the flakes and dead skin cells that clog your hair follicles.

The next step introduced TK TrichoKare’s “Intense Active” masque, which was specially recommended by Pooja. The refreshing white clay masque, made of citrusy notes like orange and mint, is designed to detox the scalp. The masque was left to do its magic on mine for a few minutes.

Applying the custom hair masque. (Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia Singapore)

This was followed by a revitalising hair wash. Sounds simple enough, but this particular step is meant to rejuvenate my scalp and restore its sebum balance. Using TK TrichoKare’s premium shampoo and conditioner, my hair and scalp were thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed through a massage that really worked into the roots. Bye bye, nasties.

Innovative tools that enhance your hair

While TK TrichoKare prides itself on its herbal and natural hair remedies, it’s certainly not behind in terms of technology.

The first of the many fancy tools used in my treatment was meant for applying the OxyNutrient ampoule on my scalp. This customised ampoule includes nutrients that promotes hair growth and thickness — a relief for anyone who has had their share of hair loss.

Then came the OxyJet, a device that is designed to deliver oxygen into the deeper layers of your scalp. This helps to accelerate the scalp’s cell metabolism and improve blood circulation, all to make it feel healthy again. And despite how it sounds or looks, it doesn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable.

In fact, besides seeing your scalp up-close, the only discomfort you might feel during the whole treatment may come from seeing how silly you look in TK TrichoKare’s “Hair Bang” helmet. But that clunky headgear is a crucial part of the laser therapy that concludes the treatment; it uses infrared technology to boost the regeneration and healing of your hair.

The results?

After the whole treatment, which ran for over an hour, I consulted Pooja once again. She pulled up the scanner and showed me the results: the flakes were gone, and my scalp looked much, much clearer.

A look at my (healthier!) scalp after the treatment. (Photo credit: Lifestyle Asia Singapore)

Over the next week, I noticed that my hair fell significantly less, too. When I ran my fingers through my hair, I wasn’t left with several loose strands like before. TK TrichoKare’s treatment had definitely done its job.

And it likely will for you, too, whatever your hair concerns may be. TK TrichoKare is able to tackle every hair and scalp problem, from greasy, itchy scalps to dandruff and grey hairs.

For a limited time, you can even try their award-winning advanced scalp detox and care treatment for just S$40, which will include a free hair care kit, a customised hair ampoule worth S$758, and a chance to win a new 10.2-inch iPad (after the trial treatment). All you have to do is book an appointment* at one of TK TrichoKare’s four outlets in Singapore.

If hair woes have been on your mind, TK TrichoKare will certainly help you sleep at night.


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*The promotion is only valid for new customers only. It’s strictly by appointment, and booking is on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

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