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W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu

Helmed by Executive Sous Chef Suhalmi Md Tasir, Flock at W Kuala Lumpur now offers a rejuvenated menu inspired by the flavours of Pan-Asian.

Arrive on the eighth floor of W Kuala Lumpur and you’ll be treated to a variety of tantalising F&B options. There’s Woobar if you’re down for a drink or two and Willow, for a modern fine dining experience. Right opposite Willow is W Kuala Lumpur‘s signature all-day dining establishment, Flock.

Flock’s kitchen and menu, revamped and rejuvenated, are now headed by Executive Sous Chef Suhalmi Md Tasir — along with Pastry Chef Kevin Yong as well as Executive Chef Haznizam Hamzah’s guidance. The culinary offerings here take inspiration from Pan-Asian flavours; taking guests on a whimsical yet refined gastronomic journey. Along with a vast open kitchen, Flock aims to welcome diners, not just with its spacious dining area, but also through a team that’s always eager to help.

Described as modern and elevated, the menu here — available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — utilises the freshest of local ingredients; a delicious nod to its Farm to Flock concept. I’ve been to Flock a few times and I welcome any opportunity to return to the spot with open arms (and palate, of course). This time, I’m happy to be able to try Chef Suhalmi’s creations and here are some of my favourite dishes.

Seafood Rice Pot

W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu
W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu

When Chef Suhalmi himself is slicing open the top layer of the dish, all you can do is carb-centrate. It’s always fascinating to watch experts do what do best, and from there, we absorb the love and passion they have for their creations. The Seafood Rice Pot, brought to the table and presented in a rather massive black… pot (well, duh!), is one of the more popular options on the menu at Flock.

In addition to the generous amount of perfectly cooked rice, each appetising portion comes with cod fish, scallops, king prawns, and crab. If the delicate inclusion of protein isn’t enough, the culinary team at Flock has concocted a complex yet well balanced base with tomato, coriander, and olive. For extra zest (and positivity), squeeze a slice of lemon or two. The Seafood Rice Pot is a multi-dimensional dish that’s sure to be very filling so make sure you order to share.

Stir Fried Quinoa and Fregola

W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu

Here’s a dish that tastes as divine as it looks! The Stir Fried Quinoa and Fregola dish is, at the very essence, a plant-based creation. However, diners have the option to add on a protein of their choice — between Grilled Prawns, Grilled Salmon, and Grilled Chicken. Mine was presented on the table with beautifully prepared prawns. The ‘wok hey’ spirit is clear with this dish; exuding a nostalgic aroma that reminded me of younger days when my parents and I would enjoy stir fried goodness together.

Flock’s plating of the dish comprises heirloom carrots, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, as well as the stars — quinoa and fregola. The tip is to first taste a spoonful of the stir fried quinoa and fregola. Take your time as you feel all the sensations travelling through your tastebuds. I really enjoyed the nutty and mild saccharine flavour profile provided by the fregola. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I had anything fregola-related and this was an exciting experience. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it’s done with toothsome finesse. The fresh produce also added depth and layer. Ps. I wouldn’t complain if I have an entire plate filled only with the Stir Fried Quinoa and Fregola combo.

Crispy Fried Barramundi

W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu

One of my favourite dishes from Flock’s dinner menu has to be Crispy Fried Barramundi. Served with radish, young mangoes, and organic leaves, the presentation is a wonderful display of colours and flair. All you’ve got to do is sit back and prepare for a sensorial explosion. The lemongrass plum sauce, light in texture but heavy flavour-wise, complemented the crispy fish superbly. You get an amalgamation of tartness and sweetness along with floral and citrus notes. It felt like a delightful stroll in the park, accompanied by the most relaxing music one can get.

Seafood, especially fish, can be tricky when it comes to cooking. Unsurprisingly, it’s tremendously easy to overcook fishes, such as the barramundi. Fortunately for me, Flock prepared one that’s both soft and invigorating — fried with pleasant crisp on the skin. However, remember not to repeat the same mistake I did. Spend less time feeding your phone. Instead, dive in right away for the full gustatory experience.

Wagyu Rib Eye with Hot Volcanic Stone

W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu
W Kuala Lumpur Flock 2022 Menu

Craving something succulent? You might want to give the Wagyu Rib Eye a go. At Flock, the culinary team serves three beef options to be cooked on a Hot Volcanic Stone. They include Wagyu Rib Eye (which I tried), Wagyu Chuck Flap Tail, and Wagyu Strip Loin — available in 80-gramme and 160-gramme portions. I was also told that this is among Editor Martin Teo’s favourites at Flock.

I really had fun cooking the meats on my own. Along with the change in colour and form, the sizzle was all part of the interactive theatrics. When the rib eye is finally done to your liking, you have a few options to ponder before you devour the lip-smacking delicacy. You can always enjoy the grilled wagyu rib eye at its most naked form (sans condiment) — or try two interesting dips that Flock has prepared. If you’re Team Coriander, the Fresh Coriander Sauce adds a refreshing and earthy dimension to the rib eye. Not a fan of coriander? Opt for the Spicy Red Miso Dip that provides a decadent mix of deep umami with a hint of spice. Personally, I prefer the former because the coriander sauce was light enough that I can still savour the immense flavour profile of the wagyu rib eye without feeling overpowered.

Flock opens from 6.30 am to 10pm on Mondays to Saturdays (with intervals in between sessions) and from 12pm to 3pm on Sundays. For more information and to make a reservation, visit this website. Flock’s full menu can be viewed here.

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