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#TIDE material has seen a huge surge in popularity this year with many brands introducing it into their designs. We have put together this list of reasons to buy a #TIDE watch alongside some recommendations to provide some information about this groundbreaking material. #TIDE reuses ocean-bound plastic to produce premium raw materials. Brands can then use these to create sustainable products. The material is award-winning and is available in a variety of forms. It can be found in a granule form for use in plastic injection, yarn for creating textiles, or filament for 3D printing. In the time the organisation has been active, #TIDE has upcycled the equivalent of more than 30 plastic bottles. #TIDE materials are having a hugely positive effect on the environment. This makes them a great choice for many people. If you are searching for reasons to buy a #TIDE watch, keep reading for more information.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy a #TIDE Watch

1. #TIDE Watches are Environmentally Friendly.

The most obvious reason to choose a #TIDE watch is that they have a positive impact on the environment. It is a known fact that #TIDE plastics have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than normal plastics. This means that not only are the materials recycled, their production also has less environmental impact. Watches made using #TIDE materials can be worn proudly in the knowledge that they have had a positive effect on the world around us.

Reasons to Buy a #TIDE Watch

Maurice Lacroix Aikon Quartz #TIDE Upcycled-Plastic White/Navy Blue AI2008-BBB11-300-0

The classic white and blue colour palette of the Maurice Lacroix watch makes it a great choice for any occasion. The watch has a white dial that is adorned with blue baton indices alongside blue hour, minute and second hands. This dial is framed by a case that is made from #TIDE plastic. The material has been combined with glass fibre to make a unique and durable material. This means that this stylish watch has had a positive environmental impact as it is created using upcycled ocean plastic. This model is secured on the wrist using a white rubber strap. It will be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The watch is powered by a reliable Swiss-made quartz movement. It is also water resistant up to 100 metres, making it practical for daily wear.

2. #TIDE Watches are High-Quality.

#TIDE materials are an award winning material resource, meaning that they have been officially recognised as a good quality material. This means that the watches that are made from these materials will be high-quality and durable also. The brands that use #TIDE materials already have great reputations for producing reliable and long-lasting timepieces, so these environmentally friendly options will be no different.

Luminox Bear Grylls Survival 3740 ECO Master Series Blue XB.3743.ECO

This bold blue timepiece was created as part of the Bear Grylls collaboration with Luminox. This means that is has been precisely designed to be a brilliant watch for outdoor explorers. This timepiece will be a great choice for someone who loves to enjoy nature a the creation of this timeepice has helped to save the environment. Both the case and strap of this model are made from #TIDE recycled ocean plastics. This means that the core structural elements of the watch are made from eco-friendly materials. The watch has a vibrant blue dial that is adorend with a chronograph and date function, making it a practical and reliable companion. The strap of the watch is a fabric texture in a bold blue colour, ensuring that this timepiece will stand out on the wrist.

3. #TIDE Watches are Stylish.

There is a common misconception that eco-friendly accessories are not as fashionable as their standard counterparts. However, this is very untrue. Watches made with #TIDE materials have stylish designs to ensure that they are just as wearable and desirable as other watches in the brand’s portfolio. Ideally, the watch industry will begin to take significant steps to becoming more eco-friendly, so brands must maintain their signature style and elegance in the designs of #TIDE watches.

Reasons to Buy a #TIDE Watch

Bering Pebble | Polished Silver | Ocean Pebble Recycled White Strap 18034-007

This watch has Bering’s signature style and features elements that are made from #TIDE materials. None of the brand’s elegance is compromised for the eco-friednly nature of this timepiece. The watch features a unique pebble-shaped white dial which is simply adorned with blue hour and minute hands. The minimalist look of this dial means that the watch can be worn for any occasion. A pebble-shaped polished stainless steel case frames this dial and houses the quartz movement that powers the watch. The clean white strap of this watch is made from #TIDE recycled ocean materials. This adds an environmentally friendly element to the timepiece, making it a more sustainable choice for the eco-friednly fashion lover.

What do you think of these reasons to buy a #TIDE watch? Would you consider adding a #TIDE watch to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

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