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Defunct streaming service Quibi is trying to force executives at Elliott Management to explain whether the hedge fund’s involvement in financing a patent lawsuit against the company was motivated by a relationship between Elliott’s founder and a colleague.

In a brief filed Thursday in Los Angeles federal court, Quibi said Elliott’s founder and co-Chief Executive Officer Paul Singer, 76 years old, is in a romantic relationship with an Elliott colleague, age 70, whose son is employed by Eko, the interactive-video company claiming trade-secret theft.

“Elliott’s motivation for involvement in the lawsuit appears personal,” the filing said.

In a statement, Elliott said that it is funding the lawsuit because it believes Eko’s case has a strong chance of prevailing. Elliott said it has no other motivations for funding the lawsuit.

“The irrelevance of Quibi’s focus on personal matters in order to put forward a false narrative about Elliott’s role related to this case demonstrates Quibi’s reluctance to engage forthrightly on the actual underlying legal issues,” said Richard Zabel, Elliott’s general counsel and chief legal officer.

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