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HiBlendr is now the super chic, portable blender that’s on everyone’s social media.

What were you doing when you were 21? For most of us, perhaps not much. We were either in university or just started off in the rat race, trying to survive in the world. As for Andrew Poh, he was studying for his bar exam in the UK when he got the idea to create a portable blender, known to the world today as HiBlendr.

Andrew Poh created the HiBlendr at the age of 21.

As with most inventors and entrepreneurs, Poh sought to find a solution to his problem. His issue? Trying to fit in a healthy diet in between studying and having a healthy social life. With fast food being the easy way out, he soon realised that he needed to do something about it after facing some health issues.

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables into his diet in the form of smoothies seemed like the easiest way to have a healthier diet, but therein lies another set of problems: cost, choices, and portability. With such limited choices available in the market, Poh decided to solve his own problem by creating a portable blender that could also double as a water bottle. Thus, the HiBlendr was born.

One can only imagine how successful HiBlendr went on to be. With its minimal and chic aesthetics, this portable blender can easily fit into the trendy lifestyle of most young millennials and Gen Z-ers. More than the aesthetics, it also matches the fast-paced lifestyle we’re all used to. When there’s no time to be healthy and meal prep, a smoothie to-go is the perfect option — simply freeze your fruits overnight, pop them into the blender with your dairy or alternative milk of choice, and you can get it going while on the way to work.

While riding high on the success of HiBlendr, we got to speak to Poh a little bit more on his journey getting here, his entrepreneurial heroes, as well as his favourite smoothie recipe on the HiBlendr.

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