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When it comes to reunion dinners, the communal steamboat is the first thing that comes to mind. It was the favoured meal of the Chinese emperors and later adopted by their people as a warm treat for the rare family gatherings.

Over time, cooking over the hot pot hasn’t changed much, but it is now enjoyed on more casual occasions. It’s available any time of the year — even for late night supper — with both friends and family. More premium ingredients are also added into the mix: think kurobuta pork slices, cuts of well-marbled wagyu beef, and fresh seafood.

Even with the fine array of meat and vegetables to pick from, the broth is always the deal breaker. The rich stock, or a thin soup breathes live into ingredients and intensifies with flavour towards the end of your meal.

Yet, enjoying a good steamboat has become more than just a simple affair of broth and ingredients. It’s also about service and environment — anything to make for the usually messy and hot dining experience much more comfortable. These hot pot places here take the hot pot game to the next level.

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