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It’s been a year since we entered a country-wide lockdown and we are so, so tired. It may have started out feeling good to “reset” and not do anything, but after 12 months of cabin fever, we are ready to break out and travel.

Luckily, the end seems in sight with vaccinations already being rolled out to essential workers in Malaysia. Now, all we have to do is wait just a little bit longer before we can travel. In the meantime, why not help out your mental health by planning your next holiday out first?

It’s true — we’re currently suffering from a pandemic burnout and one way to help it is by introducing a list of coping strategies to help us ride out the burnout wave. By planning a holiday – something that brings you joy – you’ll help take your mind off what you’re feeling in the present.

In the gallery above, we’ll help you out with your holiday plans by introducing six all-inclusive resorts that you may consider for your next trip out of the country. And just to make those plans come through a little sooner, we’ve included one local resort to head to, once we’re allowed inter-state travels.

(All images: Club Med)

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