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We tend to think of tractors as purely functional vehicles, but there’s no reason one can’t turn heads, too.  New Holland Agriculture has enlisted famous Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina to help design its new striking new Straddle Tractor Concept.

Typically, grape vines are grown atop steep slopes separated by just about five feet of space. Because the pathways are so narrow the fruit has to be picked by hand. That’s because a conventionally sized tractor would likely damage the grapes and vines. This is why the Straddle Tractor Concept has such a distinctive physique, especially when compared to the tractors normally used for agriculture. Its tall, forward-leaning cab is widest at its peak before tapering into a much narrower base, giving it a look vaguely resembling a champagne flute. This shape is also meant as a nod to the premium wine makers that will make use of it. More practically, it helps the vehicle navigate the narrow pathways in a vineyard.

The Pininfarina-designed New Holland Agriculture Straddle Tractor Concept

The Pininfarina-designed New Holland Agriculture Straddle Tractor Concept  New Holland Agriculture

The concept tractor features a plush cab that will also make grape picking easier. It’s fitted with wraparound glass, giving the operator an unobstructed view of their surroundings. There’s also a comfortable seat that rotates and handsome wood trim that nods to wine barrels. Finally, the entire rig will be powered by an electronic traction system. New Holland didn’t provide specs, but its fair to say it would run significantly cleaner than a traditional, gas-powered model.

“Our ground-breaking straddle tractor concept offers a glimpse into the future that premium wine growers with narrow, high-value vineyards can aspire to,” Carlo Lambro, New Holland’s president, said in a statement.

The Pininfarina-designed New Holland Agriculture Straddle Tractor Concept

Inside the Straddle Tractor Concept  New Holland Agriculture

Though Pinanfarina is best known for cars designs—like the Ferrari Testarossa, Maserati GranTurismo and the just-unveiled Foxtron Model E—this isn’t the company’s first shot at tractor design. In 2015, the coachbuilder designed another concept for Zetor Tractors. The tractor never went into production, but elements from the design made their way into future models from the company.

Let’s hope the second time’s a charm.