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A good picture is all about the perfect timing. It’s not always the outfit or an experienced photographer that makes a difference; sometimes, all you need is to be at the right place and the right time to create a magical shot that can become the next internet sensation!

Here’s a list of perfectly-timed photos that are so confusing that they’ll easily trick you into seeing something entirely different, and in some cases, you might need to look twice or even thrice to see the full picture (pun intended). Different perspectives and weird angles can often create scary yet hilarious illusions. So let’s see which ones make sense and which ones are utterly mind-blowing!

Oops, That Did Not Go According To Plan

Being part of a cheerleading routine is not easy, especially when you’ve advanced from rehearsals to the real deal. This looks like it wasn’t supposed to happen, and you can tell by the look on the face of the man lifting the cheerleader.

Something must have gone wrong in the routine because it looks as if he is doing his best to salvage the situation. He’s probably overwhelmed with thoughts that any mistake could easily lead to a fatal injury, and it’s only when he sees this perfectly captured image later that he’ll see the hilarity of his expression and the position he is in.