Our hit list of heritage Hainanese diners in Singapore

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Hainanese cuisine is often overlooked and generalised.

If you’re muttering “Isn’t it just Hainanese chicken rice,” under your breath now — we’re here to prove you wrong.

Before we get started, here’s a quick history behind Hainanese cuisine in Singapore. Compared to the HokkiensTeochews and Cantonese in China, the Hainanese were among the last to arrive in Singapore. Due to their difficulties in communication and comparatively underprivileged backgrounds, many ended up as cook boys and waiters in the British and Peranakan households.

While these positions might have deterred many, their occupations proved to be an advantage for the community: the Hainanese became the first Chinese in Singapore to master Western cooking and table craft, resulting in dishes like Hainanese chicken rice, fried pork chop, meat pies and Hainanese steamboat. They eventually ventured into the F&B and hotel industry on their own in the post-WWII years.

Now, read on for the full list of heritage Hainanese diners we’re getting our fix from.

(Main and featured image: The Hainan Story)

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